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About Iteneum

After you try Iteneum you will never want to use anything else for your school

About Iteneum

Iteneum is the platform where Gatekidper runs along with many other useful apps for private Schools encompassing a wide range of processes such as check-in, attendance, electronic wallet, students, professors, classrooms, training activities, grades, exams, student performance.

The Iteneum echosystem is currently composed by the Gatekidper, Quizpert and KashKid apps.


Our Suite of Apps

You can use one or all apps, all apps are interconnected


Powerful check in app, sensor ID, location restrictions and data encryption.


Electronic wallet for kids so there is no cash exchange inside school premises, parents control their kids spending


Versatile Quizing tool for students and teachers with immediate results


Seamless integration with all apps, get multiple aspect ratio profile pictures


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Address: 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30338